Que Viet Nguyen graduated from Marie Curie high school in Vietnam and got accepted to Hoa Sen University Vietnam for Fashion Design. He quickly realized that his real passion in arts lay upon the area of Graphic Design and Illustration. He always wants to work with arts and expands his artistic abilities, so he decided to come to U.S.A to pursuit his higher education. Coming to an other country was the hardest thing he’s ever done, not only there was a language barrier, but also the culture shocks and the styles of making arts are very different. What he was taught back home are completely different from the art themes of America, this really excited him and encouraged him to learn more. Attended Bunker Hill Community College, Que chose his associate in Fine Arts, learned to work with many different media, and got to acquaint more with the American cultural and its art themes. In 2014, he graduated with high honor and received Academic Excellence Award in Fine Arts and Departmental Award in Fine Arts from Bunker Hill Community College. His time in Bunker Hill Community College taught him to appreciate arts and vanished all his doubt about the career path he has chosen. He quickly grew confident to experiment and appreciate the freedom of American’s arts, yet at the same, keeping the beautiful and precious of his Viet’s cultural influences.